#Celine_Dion - EFNet - IRC Complete Tutorial About Everything

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The #Celine_Dion - EFNet - IRC complete tutorial about everything is 53 pages total. Most frequently asked questions are in it already, please read it carefully.

Cause the tutorial is long, and there're many screen caps in it, so the file size is large.  If you can't open it after a long time, maybe it won't open completely, you can try refresh the page. If the speed is slow, especially dial-up users, we suggest you read the PDF version, cause it's smaller, downloadable and printable.

Web page version (6.83 MB total)  can be viewed online only.

PDF version (3.41 MB) downloadable and printable. Please download it, then use Adobe Acrobat Reader open it.

Written by Bellamy
Thanks to mmanuzzi, koolan