#Celine_Dion IRC channel on EFNet - SysReset Configuration HELP

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1. download the file from here : SysReset (1.5 MB)
2. make a new folder and extract the file there
3. run mirc.exe from that folder, and fill in your details ('Full Name', 'Email Address'), and pick a 'Nickname'. Then click the 'Connect To Server' button, it’ll connect to EFnet server and join #Celine_Dion channel automatically
4. from menu select Sysreset->File Server Manager
5. go to File Server Triggers and click on Add from left
6. write in the window that appears the name of your trigger (mp3s, videos, images...) and click OK
7. next click Cancel 
8. in the next window select the folder where are your files for share (mp3s, videos, images...) and click OK
9. after select the trigger you made and click Enabled, /CTCP Trigger and Respond to !List
10. and right-down select from Queue pools: celine
11. select the trigger you made and on Transfer Manager->Queue Pool select : celine
12. repeat the steps 6-11 to make another trigger
13. click DONE
14. finally click again on Sysreset from menu, go to Servers Active and put it ON

Translated by Gabri